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I am a student (Anthony Yeung) living in Canada, British Columbia. My hobbies revolve around photography, web design, badminton, biking, and cheering for a hockey team that never makes it to the Cup.


Whenever I get the time to, I enjoy taking photos (of almost everything). From time to time, I may posts photosets of pictures that I've taken. I particularly like to take black and white photos.

Web Design

I do web designing as a hobby, so if you're interested you can check out my work, and drop me a line.

About the site

This site was made with XHTML, CSS, blah, blah, blah, who cares? It's pretty minimal and doesn't have a lot of graphics. I don't give a shit about catering to Internet Explorer users anymore, if the code works, then all the better, otherwise, don't contact me about design flaws. For the nerdy ones: Smallpark is powered by Textpattern, adheres to some web standards if you happen to be on the right page, and is happily hosted on Dreamhost.

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