Our Pick Of The Top 3 HTML Templates

Many beginner website owners do not want to go through the arduous process of learning how to code HTML and CSS from scratch. Maybe they have also decided that they do not want to use a content management system to run their website with. This is where HTML/CSS website templates come to the fore. They are of particular benefit to bloggers who may want a beautiful looking site without the hassle of needing to know much code. The only thing you really need to know how to do in this case is fill in the blanks in the templates with your unique content. This is the appeal of a HTML or CSS template and why they are advisable. Another good thing about templates is that they are compatible with modern browsers. This means that your website will look good across mobile devices and tablets as well as the desktop version.

You may wonder what the advantages of a template over coding from scratch is. The answer is convenience. Yes coding your website yourself means that you have absolute control over everything, but it is also a lengthy process to code a website. This point is even further accentuated if you have limited prior programming knowledge. In that case, you will need to spend months learning how to code in HTML and CSS. This is not practical for most people. Instead of getting bogged down in learning to code, it can be convenient for folks to just get a template that has been designed by someone with far more knowledge than them.

We have decided to present to you our pick of free HTML templates that look fantastic and will give your website a wonderful feel that will engage users and keep them coming back for more. The fact that they are free templates mean they are wonderful for the budget conscious among you or people who want to make a foray into the blogosphere but aren't bothered with paying for premium templates or other costs associated with content management software such as premium themes. Here are five of the best free HTML templates:

Corporate Template. This is a wonderful template for those of you who are creating a website with a more business-oriented direction. It looks sleek and modern, giving a good impression of professionalism and consistency that all customers need when visiting a business website. It is also responsive across all devices meaning that any potential clients can browse through your site regardless of what device they are browsing on. Responsiveness is a key element of most websites and in the business world it is of particular importance. The corporate template can be downloaded at http://www.templatemonster.com/free-responsive-corporate-template.html .

Photo portfolio. This is a wonderful free HTML template that is perfect for a budding photographer. It provides a solid platform for any aspiring photographer to display the best of the images that they have captured in all their glory. The layout is chic and relaxed letting the images do the talking and giving a perfect representation of your finest images. The background is wonderful with a blurred effect that adds an elegant touch. It is also coded to the highest of standards meaning that applying this theme on your site will give users a smooth experience and allow them to browse your photos in stunning high definition clarity. Download this template at http://www.templatemonster.com/free-templates/free-html5-theme-for-photo-portfolio.php .

Architecture Template. This is ideal for people who are starting an architecture-based website. The minimal design and intuitive controls allow for a seamless user and admin experience. It also features good responsiveness allowing for a smooth user experience across all kinds of devices. See it for yourself at http://www.websitetemplatesonline.com/free-template/free-arch-html-5-template.html .