A Rundown Of The Best Ruby On Rails Apps Available

Before starting off our list of the best open source Ruby on Rails apps, it is a good idea to explain to our less informed readers what Ruby on Rails is. Ruby is a programming language that ranks among the top ten general purpose programming languages. Rails is a kind of software and acts as an extension to the Ruby programming language. Rails can be thought of kind of like a framework for building websites. This gives developers the platform to incorporate all website aspects such as HTML, CSS and Javascript into one smooth and seamless user experience. What Rails does is that it combines the Ruby programming languages with the web design languages to create a web application that runs through a web server. The fact that Rails runs through a web server means that it is considered a back-end web application development platform. If the concept of back-end confuses you, you can think of a web browser as the front end. People tend to favour the use of Ruby to program websites because of its terse syntax that can be regarded as uncluttered when compared to other such languages like Java.

If you have prior computer knowledge you could probably have skipped straight to this section. Here we present some of our favourite open-source apps that can be used for Ruby on Rails:

Diaspora. This is a cool alternative to Facebook and it now has over one million members after its introduction in 2010. Disapora is a social network system with a twist – there is no integrated central system for storing user data. Instead, it allows you to host your own social network via pods that act as web servers. They have promised never to sell users data, so it is definitely worth using if you are sick of Facebook.

Spree. One of the best things about starting your own website is monetizing it and selling stuff online that ends up giving you a location independent income. People often wonder how to set up an efficient and user-friendly e-store on their website. Spree achieves all of that and it has been developed with Ruby on Rails framework. There are hundreds of extensions for people who wish to customize it even further, but the basic store does a great job. The software manages all aspects of your order fulfilment procedure so that you can be safe in the knowledge that sensitive information like users card details are stored safely and efficiently.